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Configure team notifications

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What to know

  • Anyone can easily setup notifications in teams from activities that happen in Jira
  • Each connector can have it's own filters and projects for notifications
Personal notifications can also be configured. Learn more here

Adding a connector to your team(s)

  1. Navigate to the team you want to setup notifications
  2. Click the three-dots in the top right of that team
  3. Select "Connectors"
  4. Search for "Jira"
  5. Select "Jira Integration+ Connector"
  6. Select the Jira events you want to monitor
    1. Select the project(s) you want to get notifications for
    2. Select additional option filters for your notifications
    3. Select the delivery frequency for your notifications
Select the delivery option to batch alerts to that notifications are combined to reduce team channel spam.

Configure JQL-based team notifications

  1. From inside your notification control, select "Switch to JQL"
  2. Enter your valid JQL syntax
  3. Click "Save"
The bot will alert you if the JQL you entered is invalid

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