Install the Jira Integration+ app to Microsoft Teams

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Learn how to connect your account in Microsoft Teams with your Jira account. This is an essential part of using Jira Integration+

What to know:

  • Your password is never shared with our systems.
  • Your permissions are based on your Jira account permissions.

Install the app to Teams

  1. Click on "Apps" in the left side of Teams.
  2. Search for "Jira Integration+", or click on it if you see it.
  3. Click "Add" to add the app to Teams.
You can add the app to a specific Team or to a chat. Soon you will be able to add the app to a meeting.
When you add a new channel, you will have to add the bot to it.

You will be asked to connect your account when you first install Jira Integration+.

  1. Select the View More "..." button next to your channel name.
  2. Press Manage Team.
  3. Navigate to Apps on the top navigation bar.
  4. Search for the app Jira Integration+.
  5. Select the app Jira Integration+.
  6. Press Add and allow it to authorize.
This may require you to allow pop-ups if you are on a browser.

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