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Configure personal notifications

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What to know:

  • Your Microsoft Teams user account must be connected to Jira
  • You can configure personal notifications from Teams without the need to configure anything in Jira

Example use cases

  • Receiving alerts based on specific notification configuration and filters
  • Configuring specific personal notification timing and intervals

Enable notifications

  1. Click on Chat on the left sidebar of Microsoft Teams
  2. Select the Jira Integration Plus application
  3. Send the message notifications in the message bar to the Jira Integration Plus bot
  4. Click the Configure button in the response message from the bot

Configure notifications

  1. Configure the events you want to be notified about
    1. An issue is created
    2. A comment is added
    3. Assignee is changed
    4. Priority is updated
    5. An issue is edited
    6. An issue is moved to another project
    7. An issue is transitioned from one specific status to another
  2. Configure the project(s), status(s), and/or ticket priorities you want to be alerted to
  3. Set the frequency you want alerts delivered

Disable notifications

  1. Open your notification configuration settings
  2. Click the remove button on the bottom right side of the screen

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