Create, find, and manage Jira issues in a channel with the bot

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What to know:

  • The Jira Integration+ bot has to be installed in the team to use it in the team.
  • The bot should only be added to public channels within a team.

Example use cases

  • Quickly create an issue from a message in Teams.
  • Send an issue directly in a conversation so everyone is talking about the same thing.
  • Update issues with the new information.

Access the bot in a channel

To use the bot in a channel, tag the bot (@Jira Integration+) and send a command. For example @Jira Integration+ create.

When you tag the bot, you will see a list of commands. Here is what these commands do:

  • Help
    • This shows a list of all commands for the bot.
  • Create
    • Receive a button to quickly create a new Jira Issue directly in Teams.
  • Search
    • This allows you to search for Jira issues. You can click on any responses for more information about them, or to edit them. Search for any keywords. For example: @Jira integration+ server.
  • JQL Search
    • Similar to the Search command, this allows you to search using the JQL format.
  • Comment
    • You can add a comment to an issue using this command.
  • Assign
    • Allows you to assign a Jira issue to yourself.
  • Edit
    • Opens and allows the editing of a Jira issue directly inside Teams.
  • Log
    • Log time spent on an issue right inside of Teams.
  • Watch / Unwatch
    • Watch or no longer watch a specific Jira issue.
In a channel with the bot, you need to add the tag @Jira Integration+ before the command. In chat between you and the bot, you do not need to add the tag before the command.

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