Creating a Jira issue from Microsoft Teams

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Creating new Jira issues from Microsoft Teams is a powerful way to keep track of your work and complete your projects faster.

Make sure to add the bot to the team to create Jira issues. The bot will only work in teams and channels where it has been added.

What to know:

  • There are many ways of creating Jira issues from Microsoft Teams with Jira Integration+.
  • Your company's use case will help determine the best option for your scenario.
  • Jira Integration+ automatically respects user roles and permissions. Also, all actions are automatically attributed to the correct user.

Ways you can create issues

  • Tag Jira Integration+ - In any channel where the bot is installed, tag Jira Integration+ and send the message "Create" to display the Jira issue creation modal ("@Jira Integration+ Create"). From there you can create a new Jira issue.
  • Chat Bot - Within the Chat tab directly with the bot, type the message "Create". The bot will respond with a button to create a new Jira Issue. Simply click the button.
  • Jira List and Boards - You can create an issue from any tab showing a list of Jira issues or a board view of Jira issues. This includes the tabs included by default in the app (Assigned to me, Reported by me, and Watched by Me). Simply click the Create button to create a new issue straight from a board or list.
  • Create a Jira issue from a Teams message with Message Action - Hover your mouse over a message. Click the "..." icon, then More Actions. Select Create issue to create a new Jira issue from the message.

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