Install the Jira Integration+ app to Jira cloud

Learn how to install Jira Integration+ into your Jira cloudThis is an essential part of using Jira Integration+.

What to know

  • You need Jira administrator permissions for your Jira instance.
  • You will need Teams administrator permissions before the app will fully work, or another person with Teams administrator permission will have to approve the app on behalf of your organization after you install it.

Install the app to Jira

  1. Go to your Jira (for example "").
  2. Click on Apps in the navigation.
  3. Click on Explore more apps.
  4. In the search field, type "Teams Integration+".
  5. Click on the the Integration+ app.
  6. Click Try it free.
    1. If you aren't an admin, you can click Submit request to install the app from your admin.
    2. After you submit the request, your Jira admin can find the request in Apps under View my requests.
  7. Click Start free trial.
  8. Wait a few moments while the app installs.
  9. Once Jira finishes installing the plug-in, click on the Apps dropdown in the navigation and click on the Integration+ app.
  10. The app should offer the user a connection code. Don’t leave this page yet.
  11. Go to Microsoft Teams in a new tab or window.
  12. Go to the Jira Integration+ app inside of Teams.
    1. If you haven't installed the app in Teams yet, follow this guide.
  13. Once installed, go to the chat with the bot and type “status” command
    1. You will prompted to sign in to Microsoft if you haven't already signed in within the Jira Integration+ app. This is for additional security.
    2. If you are authorized, the bot will offer to establish the Jira connection
  14. Copy the connect code from the app in Jira.
  15. Paste the connect code into the chat with the bot.
    1. If the connect code has expired, refresh the page and use the new connect code.
  16. Click the link saying "Continue".
  17. The app will guide you through the rest of the process.
If you are not a Teams administrator, a Teams administrator will have to give permission on behalf of your organization to the Jira Integration+ app before it will work. If you are a Teams administrator, the app should work after installation.

Once you have finished, there are many ways to check if things are working properly

The status command
  1. Type the status command in chat with the bot.
  2. You should see 3 green check marks and the URL of the Jira you are connected to.
    If so, then the bot is fully operational and is ready to use!
    If not, go through the connect process starting from the beginning.

Now you're ready to start using the bot.

The help command
  1. Go to chat with the bot OR a channel with the bot installed.
  2. Type the help command and send it (if in a public channel, add @Jira Integration Plus before the word help ("@Jira Integration Plus help")
  • If you get a response with the bot commands, you are logged in and ready to start using the bot!
  • If not, follow the steps and redo the connection process on this guide from the start.

See the dashboard in Jira
  1. Go to your Jira and click on Apps.
  2. Click on the Integration+ app.
  3. You should see a dashboard that looks like this image instead of the connect code screen you saw before:
    If so, then the bot is fully operational and is ready to use!
    If not, go through the connect process starting from the beginning.
Use other bot functionality

Load a default tab

  1. Go to chat with the bot
  2. Click on Assigned to me (or Reported by me or Watched by me)
  3. If you see a list of issues (or a message that no issues match that scenario), you are logged in!

Try anything in these guides.

  • If they work as described, you have set up the bot correctly!
  • If not, redo the process in this article.

Not working?

  1. Make sure a Jira global admin installed the app to Jira.
  2. Make sure a user with Teams administrator permissions installed the app to Teams. If not, after the app is fully installed and set up, make sure a user with Teams administrator permissions consents on behalf of your organization.
    1. After you install the app, all Teams admins will be prompted to grant permission to Jira Integration+. After one does, the app will work.
    2. Contact a Teams admin to grant permission to the app after you install.
  3. Make sure pop-ups are allowed.
  4. If you are behind a firewall read this article.
  5. Contact us for support! We recommend scheduling a time by clicking here: Or you can click contact at the top of this page, chat with us on our website, or email

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