Configure team tabs

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What to know

  • Jira Integration+ automatically provides personal preconfigured tabs
  • Any user can configure additional tabs in Microsoft Teams

Understanding built-in tabs

  1. Navigate to the Jira Integeration+ bot in Teams
  2. Click on any of the tabs in that view to show different filtered lists of Jira tickets
    1. Assigned to me: Any ticket that is assigned to you
    2. Reported by me: Any ticket that you created or were tagged as the reporter
    3. Watched by me: Any ticket that you are watching in Jira
  3. From each tab you can search, update filters, or change sort order.
  4. You can also create tickets from this view for any project
When searching from a tab, the system will search for the term entered and also the status of the ticket relative to the tab you are viewing.

Adding custom tabs to teams

  1. Navigate to the team you want to add a new tab in MS Teams
  2. Click the + sign on the top of your team
  3. Search for Jira and select "Jira Integration+"
  4. Select the project(s) you want in your tab view
  5. Select if you want a board or list view
  6. Select any additional filter options
  7. Click Save

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