How do I disable Jira emails and replace with Microsoft Teams messages?

Brandon Marella Updated by Brandon Marella

After you have implemented your personal notifications in Microsoft Teams you likely don't need your Jira emails anymore.

What to know:

  • Our Team Notifications feature allows you to configure Microsoft Teams notifications to replace Jira emails.
  • Our system won't disable emails in your Jira instance (we can't)
  • You will need to configure your account or Jira instance to stop emails
  • You can set up filters in most mail clients to auto-archive emails

Disabling in Jira

Auto-filtering in Gmail

  1. Login to your email
  2. Search for Jira
  3. Click the box next to a matching message
  4. Choose create filter
  5. Choose your preferences
    1. We suggest: Skip inbox, mark as read and apply label
  6. Click the Create filter button

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