How do I disable Jira emails and replace with Microsoft Teams messages?

After you have implemented your personal notifications in Microsoft Teams you likely don't need your Jira emails anymore.

What to know:

  • Our Team Notifications feature allows you to configure Microsoft Teams notifications to replace Jira emails.
  • Our system won't disable emails in your Jira instance (we can't)
  • You will need to configure your account or Jira instance to stop emails
  • You can set up filters in most mail clients to auto-archive emails

Disabling in Jira

Auto-filtering in Gmail

  1. Login to your email
  2. Search for Jira
  3. Click the box next to a matching message
  4. Choose create filter
  5. Choose your preferences
    1. We suggest: Skip inbox, mark as read and apply label
  6. Click the Create filter button

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