How to resolve a SSL certificate issue

Valid SSL certificates form a foundation of secure connectivity between our systems and your Jira instance. What to know. We validate your SSL certificate automatically. Self-signed certificates cann…


Is my data secure and protected?

At Nextup we believe in keeping your data secure is one of our most important responsibilities. We're transparent about our security practices so you understand our approach. If you have additional q…


Connecting to Jira instances behind a firewall

Connecting to Jira behind the firewall is fully supported with Integration+ and whatever set up you have there is a solution available for you. What to know. If you CAN whitelist our IP addresses on…


What is your static IP address

If you are whitelisting our platform to allow communication with behind a firewall instances you will need our static IP addresses. Our static IP addresses may change. We will let you know if they do…


How do I disable Jira emails and replace with Microsoft Teams messages?

After you have implemented your personal notifications in Microsoft Teams you likely don't need your Jira emails anymore. What to know: Our Team Notifications feature allows you to configure Microsof…