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Quick start guide

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What to know

  • Setting up the integration requires installing an application into both Microsoft Teams and Jira
  • Any user can install the Teams application, however a Jira administrator needs to install and configure the Jira application
The following guide illustrates each installation step. Click here to view an animation of all steps

Install the Microsoft Teams application

  1. Click the 3 dots on the left bar in Microsoft Teams
  2. Type "Jira"
  3. Select the "Jira Integration Plus" application
  4. Click the "add" button to install the application in to your Teams environment

Install the Jira application

  1. Click the "Add Jira plugin" button inside of Teams
  2. Click the "Try if free" button in the Atlassian Marketplace website
  3. Select Cloud, Server, or Data Center depending on your installation
  4. Click "Start free trial"
  5. In case you are signed in to more than once Jira account, select the site to install the application
  6. Again, click "Start free trial"
  7. Wait while Jira installs the application
  8. Once loaded, click "Manage app"
  9. Click the "configure" button next to "Getting started"

Connect the application to your Jira instance

NOTE: When connecting to Jira Server or Data Center you need to create an application link
  1. Click the "Connect" button to authorize the application to connect to your Jira instance
  2. Ensure you select the Jira instance URL that corresponds to the Jira you are installing the application to.

Connect Teams to Jira

  1. Click the "Copy" button next to the connect code
  2. Click the "Open Teams" button
  3. Paste the connect code into the direct chat w/ the Teams bot application

Connect Teams and Jira personal user account

Each user in your Teams organization will need to complete this step once.

  1. Click "Connect Now" to connect your individual Teams user to your Jira user account
  2. Click "Allow" to grant the system access to your user account
  3. Success !!!

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